Web content never expires. A blog post written in 2011 will live on in search engine results for years.

Ember.js, the JavaScript framework for ambitious apps, has already been around for several years. This means the Internet is littered with content and posts that were accurate at the time, but have since been obsoleted.

To ensure old content gets properly flagged, with no effort needed by the author, we’ve created a GitHub-driven badge service.

Posts with this badge should work (without deprecation) when using an appropriate version of Ember.

If you see an inaccurate badge, please help us by opening a pull request to change the version number. All entries are made as blog post files for Jekyll, and should include the URL of the original entry. For example:

layout: post
url: http://madhatted.com/2015/5/14/ember-js-2-0-preview-with-canary
title: "Previewing Ember 2.0 on Canary"
date: 2015-05-13
start_version: "1.13"
end_version: "2.0" # end_version is optional

Please help ensure your own blog posts are correctly flagged by adding a badge upon publication, even if you only provide a starting version. See mixonic/ember-community-versions for more information.